Hoping to Make the SuperAger Team

I think I am driven by a kind of survivalist mentality when it comes to learning: I keep signing up to learn every skill it takes to be a completely self-sufficient media outlet. Being “just” a writer makes me feel inadequate; I want to be photographer, designer, graphic artist and any other -ers or -phers, which may include coder and editor and probably videographer.

I am well aware it will take discipline and a great deal of practice before I can catch the dangling modifiers and vague pronoun references and gaps in logic and specious arguments – the nitty gritty – of those fields the way I can with grammar and content in writing.

So I was happy to find that at least I am not on a fool’s errand; turns out all that learning is adding years to my life. Apparently the struggles to find the right combinations of tiny checkboxes buried in Adobe Captivate Object Style Manager is the “temporary unpleasantness of intense effort” and I am on my way to becoming a Superager. Considering that when I want to bail, I like to bail to the gym, I am totally on track to a youthful brain. The study folks at Massachusetts General Hospital did is pretty encouraging, but to feel really on my way, I guess I’d have to take the California Verbal Learning Test Long Delay Free Recall Test. I think I will start by closing my eyes and trying to recite the name of that test. Nah, I have client work to read. I bet I can catch a dangling modifier.img_2180


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