How I Celebrated International Women’s Day: Voting, Working, Researching, Blogging

I thought my day today was ordinary. Routine. Nothing special. Unfortunately, it was revolutionary.

This morning at 7 a.m., I voted in our town elections for budget issues for the town and for the school district.

I proceeded to work, where I have a contract that guarantees me equal pay for equal work.

I,  freely and without restrictions or restraints, researched information online for and with colleagues in the US and abroad.

Together, my husband and I cooked and ate a meal.

I called my parents and chatted a little politics and a lot of news of family and friends.

I fired up my own laptop and wrote this blog.

Not actively thankful for any of it, until I clicked again, for the second time today on the Google doodle.

Then I remembered. As I had puzzled over a piece of writing at work this morning, I had clicked on the Google doodle, which is how I learned it is International Women’s Day. Using the events drop-down menu, I learned that Boston, the nearest major city to my home, had no events listed on the site. I did find somewhere that someone said it was started in the early 1900’s to honor women killed in a factory fire in New York, but Wikipedia puts IWD squarely in the socialist camp, calling the New York story “apocraphyl.” I decided the idea of acknowledging gifted women is great, and recognizing women for more than being mothers (Mother’s Day) or lovers and friends (Valentines’ Day) is useful idea. And I moved on.

I had clearly missed the point.

So many women on the planet today would have been thrilled to do any of the mundane things I did: vote, or work or find information freely or share household tasks equally and happily with a partner. This is life as it should be. To the men who hold women’s rights or status hostage in one way or another, anywhere for any reason, you have nothing to be afraid of. If justice or love does not motivate you to loosen up, try this. Your own life will only be truly good when you share your world equally with the women in it.


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