The “Rite” Help at an Main Drug Store Chain?

Recently, I stood in line behind an elderly gentleman who was trying to get some money back from a clerk at a local drug store chain. He had the advertising flier, his purchases, his receipt to prove he had been overcharged. He was polite, organized, and reasonable. The clerk quickly assessed the evidence then abruptly informed him that he “did not have a wellness card so he didn’t get the sale price.” He didn’t seem to understand what that had to do with the prices boldly advertised in the flier. He pointed to the flier again as the clerk repeated, “You don’t have a wellness card.”

As they circled through this several times, he showed the ad and pointed, then she repeated that he had no wellness card, while the giant gap in understanding between them became clearly evident to me and several other people watching in line behind me. The obvious solution was to let the man return the items, get the card, then repurchase the items at the sale price. But she never offered. Maybe she didn’t offer because filling out a long form while a long line gathered seems like too much work. Maybe she didn’t offer because she didn’t think of it. But these cards are effectively ripping off senior citizens.

The irony of a “wellness” card stressing old people out and becoming an institutionalized excuse for allowing them to pay too much is that when they come in they should get the “correct” “help” as your name implies, even though your spelling is atrocious. The worst part is, we have three of these stores in our town of 15,000 and I have seen similar scenes repeated at each of them. Executives, fix this.


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