Double entendre and the iPad

WomenWhoTech complained on Twitter recently, “iPad developed in a silo, marketing team didn’t voice concern naming product 4 fem. hygiene prod.” Seriously? Of all the things to complain about, this seems petty. Whose minds does this reflect on anyway? It shows a serious lack of knowledge of words with more than one connotation and reminds me of giggles freshmen students have while studying Romeo and Juliet. Consider for a moment how the meanings of words change in various contexts, not to mention how they evolve. The word “gay” is an example of a word that I have to explain its historic meaning when we encounter it in literature; students are not being homophobic when they question it; they are just confused. What do I call those yellow, bound and lined stacks of paper when I ask for one across the table now? “Please hand me that pad” is apparently insensitive?

At least Shakespeare was trying to get laughs with his double entendres.


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