Irony, CNN, Senator Kennedy and my uninsured healthcare worker

Today, as CNN carried a tribute to Senator Edward Kennedy by re-playing some of his famous speeches (The Dream Will Never Die ), I sat in the chair in a lab having blood drawn as part of a yearly physical. The young woman phlebotomist noticed my ID badge on my key ring of the public high school where I teach, since she had graduated from there three years earlier. “Where did you study after high school?” I inquired. “Did we prepare you well?” She answered yes enthusiastically, adding that she loves her job and hopes to get full time some time. When she said she wasn’t full time, I asked her if she would mind telling me if she had health insurance. “Oh, I don’t mind at all,” she grinned. ” I would love to have it, but I don’t at part-time.” This young lady was prompt, cheerful, professional, representing her hospital well. But imagine a disgruntled healthcare worker who couldn’t afford the care they are providing. What are we thinking by not covering everyone? Since the other wealthy nations of the world cover everyone, live longer, have lower infant mortality and do it all for less, what are we thinking? That is, if the basic human decency of covering people doesn’t convince you.


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  1. Facebook I love, twitter still leaves me clueless. I get a zillion from Rick Warren (motivtional) but aside from that I see how it spawned Facebook but not how it is different. If someone tweeted me through a Pats game that would be great in PNG. But how would it be different than IM’ing me play by play. The question is serious. Twitter is something that doesn’t register.

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