Planning in the face of risk

A local woman running for election told me she had worked on many campaigns, but when it came time to canvas for herself, it seemed much harder. People who answered the doors asked, “What are you going to do ?”

Candidates have to believe in themselves to the degree that they plan as if they know they are going to win. It is the same confidence professional athletes, elite doctors, and other accomplished people have that allows them to have the steel to weather the vetting process that precedes victory.

When I look at I know that this was not thrown together the day after the election. In the face of stiff competition, President-Elect Barak Obama continued to encourage us to campaign, which somewhere, someone was tooling away at this website. This shows that, win or lose, he had the vision, the confidence, the willingess to do what it takes to succeed during a time when the rest of us dared not think beyond election day. It is the why the rest of us could say, “Yes, we can.”

Log on. Participate.


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