Got a minute? Learn Russian!

Europe celebrated its languages on September 26, a good time for Radio Lingua to launch its new services. I feel that after a few months of learning languages with podcasts, I have made a great deal of progress. You may want to try it, too!

The story of the way I found One Minute Languages is a marketing story. I searched “learn Italian” in iTunes. That brought me lots of free podcasts, but one in particular, Learn Italian Pod  was great because it includes a number of tools and it used culture rather than the old” how to catch a cab” routines. So after a while, I signed  up to be a VIP subscriber. Besides finding the Italian learning podcasts in iTunes, I also found Coffee Break Spanish, which led me to Radio Lingua which led me to the new One Minute Languages. I have heard they have Mandarin and Russian and a host of European languages. This is either the greatest way to maximize one’s time or it is a stressor that leaves no moment unscheduled, but if you have been thinking of trying to learn a language, I say, give it a try. I love it!


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