Simplicity is Delicious; Diigo can be a bit much

Delicious has served me well for the last couple thousand bookmarks, but I had to try Diigo when it came out. Now that Diigo is serving up its bragging rights on Twitter, I feel I need to come to the defense of Delicious.

Delicious is simple. I find great information to add to my web library, tag it, and find it later when I need it. While Diigo has lots of menus and clouds and features, it takes a few more steps to do, which can be distracting when you are focused. The Diigo groups send me  lots of emails but I have yet to have any really good or new additional bookmarks delivered.

It is nice that Diigo sets in a history-like pane in my browser, but again, it is not as clean to use as my  the bookmarks toolbar link for Delicious.

I recommend Diigo for specific projects, but Delicious for every day use.


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