Bloggers Have Social, But Did They ASK Seinfeld?

Bloggers have joined the ranks of other professionals and arranged an event just so they can hang out. True to a sort of blogger ethic, the event makes no pretense of being a convention dedicated to professional development: it is for socializing, period.

I like that about bloggers. After all, this medium has been accused of being the wild west of journalism, so its practitioners should not have to feign some stuffy reason for a convention.

I downloaded their brochure to see what all the exciting events would be; since it is in NYC, the brochure’s author jazzed it up a bit with images of Seinfeld and the Sex and the City cast. Hmm, can you do that? Can those images be used to advertise an event without those folks’ permission? What if Jerry and Sarah Jessica did not give permission to a group that “hails from 8 countries and 20 US states.” Would the Blogger-Social be giving other bloggers a bad name by bad practice?

I hope not. Because the beef “regular” journalists have with bloggers is that quite a few are free and loose with journalistic standards. Would using images for an ad without permission be in that category?


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