Barak Obama’s reasonable answer challenges teachers’ unions

Barak Obama’s reasonable answer will delight his critics and frustrate media. It will delight his critics who may call it waffling  or flip flopping; it will frustrate media who may say it is a non answer. What Obama said, when asked about school vouchers and “told a current longitudinal study is ongoing,” according to a New York Sun story, was that “he would respond to its findings with an open mind.” Furthermore, he said this week that he “is open to supporting private school vouchers if research shows they work.”

Previously, Obama had, according to the Sun,  responded to questionnaires that he did not support vouchers. However, he recognizes that things are not going well in education , so he claims “I will not allow my predispositions to stand in the way of making sure that our kids can learn.”

So what we have here is a politician who is waiting for information to make a decision; he sounds like he may be even willing to say the “w” word, “wrong,” – as in “I was wrong” – if the facts show clear evidence. My question to teachers’ unions, and I am a member of one, is will unions have the same courage?


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