Grammar Worship?

National Grammar Day is March 4. I am still not sure exactly how I will celebrate, but even as a devotee of good grammar, I am cautious of celebrating too wildly. It seems grammar loving may have become somewhat of a cult:

We owe much to our mother tongue. It is through speech and writing that we understand each other and can attend to our needs and differences. If we don’t respect and honor the rules of English, we lose our ability to communicate clearly and well.

English has a long story (ever see Beowulf in the original?), so I do have concerns about waxing too poetic about “respect[ing] and honor[ing] the rules of English.” Grammar rules did not come on tablets of stone on mountain top.

Just when I was about to worry that these grammar day folks were getting a bit too strict and stuffy, I scrolled down far enough to see that they will celebrate with Grammartinis.


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