Make a chic statement

The fashion question of the day got me thinking about my premise here: where do tradition and innovation meet and complement one another?

The question is this, “If you could buy only one new statement piece for Winter 2008, what would you add to your wardrobe?” The idea of a “statement piece” has me concerned about what I wear already that must be making statements about me. Perhaps I am confusing “signature piece” with “statement piece.” I puzzle over things like that because I am obsessed with the way words pull on us as if we are marionettes.

Well, my signature pieces for winter are my boots (made in Canada) and a series of simple pullover sweaters in various shades of white and beige (made in Italy). My statement piece is my new bag, which I have heard makes me “Eco-chic.”

So the tradition of carrying shopping bags has met the innovation of carrying shopping bags – but now with a noble purpose – and that makes a world of difference.


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