Weather and politics: Sunlight

Mark Twain gets credit, if I remember correctly, for saying something to the effect that if you don’t like New England weather, wait a minute. The weather, an independent, had an effect on the NH primary in that it encouraged more elderly people to come out and they supported Clinton. The college students, on intercession, were not in their college towns, so if they had registered there, they were at a disadvantage. My further analysis is, that because independents wanted to support either Obama or McCain, and the polls showed Obama so far ahead, they lent their votes to McCain.

I had to get that off my chest because I wasn’t hearing it from the pundits. Anyway, it was confirmed by a group of independents gathered over breakfast January 9 at the Sheraton in Portsmouth, NH.

Due to the re-invigorated and encouraging burst of hope in the campaign, voters will need tools to keep up. The tools are things we all should have been following all along, but now we might be a bit more inspired to use them.


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