Why I am proud of the NH Primary & believe it helps you!

The first political memory one of my children has is of going to hear Jesse Jackson in a store front in Keene, NH. Throughout the years, my kids were lugged off to not only Clintons and Bushes, Edwards, and McCain, but to all the candidates, famous or not, Red or Blue. This is our tradition in New Hampshire: we go to hear all the candidates in person so we can ask hard questions. And whether or not the rest of the country realizes it, we are diverse and have the same problems from immigration to the economy to climate change that the rest of the country faces. Because anyone can afford to run here and be heard, we provide an important service to the country: giving the most democratic opportunity with the most democratic vetting of candidates possible.

From all this listening, I am convinced, that “the time has come to move beyond the bitterness and pettiness and anger that’s consumed Washington; to end the political strategy that’s been all about division and instead make it about addition — to build a coalition for change that stretches through Red States and
Blue States.”

Listen to the candidates to see which one I agree with.


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