Positive help for education by business

The tone of the Business Tools for Better Schools website is positive and its resources are informed. Oftentimes, attempts by business to help schools go sour because the cultures of the two sectors seem to clash. But efforts suggested by this site one have a decidedly different feel to them. When I encounter a site like this, I immediately begin to dig into the “About” links to learn who is behind it. In this case, it is Achieve, Inc. According to Achieve’s own information:

“Created by the nation’s governors and business leaders in 1996, Achieve, Inc., is a bipartisan, non-profit organization that helps states raise academic standards, improve assessments and strengthen accountability to prepare all young people for postsecondary education, work and citizenship. ”

Forgive them for the few links that take you to subscription sites. For the most part, the information they link to is available, interesting and free. If you fit the description below, visit the site:

“Is your company poised to retool its education investments to make them even more effective? Do you want to spend time and resources advocating for school reform, but need advice and ideas for strategic engagement with educators and policymakers? Or is your company already at the vanguard of business involvement in schools and you’d like to get new ideas to advance your commitment?”


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