Kelly Slater is apparently famous

I was looking through today’s pictures in the Irish Times when I came across one Kelly Slater riding a very big wave in France. The caption referred to him as “eight time world champion” and “of the US,” and that made me wonder how it is possible I had never heard of the guy before today and from the Irish press, at that.

In fact, when I did a little research I wondered even more: he has done cameos on a tv series, been in movies, wrote a book, been linked to celebrities and has a video game. I guess there are so many things to excel at, even the top people can’t expect us all to know about them, even those of us who are hooked on a constant supply of news, media and RSS feeds.

So good luck to you in the Quicksilver Pro surfing contest, Kelly Slater. And good luck to so many other people who strive to be the best at whatever they are doing today – even though no one else may notice.


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