Rainy Sunday & too much TV

Today was a rainy Sunday. Since I am studying all things Italian, I watched a marathon version of Francesco’s Italy. That led to Samantha Brown and South America, who while irritating at first, grows on you.

Then I should have shut the TV off.

But my cat was comfortably ensconced on my lap, so I happened to watch Brittany Spears on MTV. I have a daughter about her age and after seeing that performance I have empathy for her mom.

When I got back to checking my email and blog comments, I had a trackback to Jonathan Edson . After reading through several of his blog posts, which I do find interesting, I came across this statement:

We need to reorient our whole attitude about education — away from fighting about the “Holy Grail” curriculum and toward teaching children how to manage the vast sea of content available to them. We need to teach them how to search. We need to give them the critical thinking skills to evaluate what they find. And, probably most importantly, we need to teach them how to build a social network around learning because the truth is we are quickly getting to the point where the amount of content out there will exceed the ability of any one person to filter on his own.

The problem is, in my opinion, you need content to manage content. I find that students have a vast sea of content at their fingertips, but without some actual teaching and teacher, they have no idea what to do with it.


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