Sneaking in a few looks at non-work related websites while on the job now has an official name: cyberslacking. Universities around the globe have studied internet use at work and deemed much of it a waste of companies’ time.

Besides that, the ethical questions pop up like is it okay if you use online banking and skip a lunch trip to the branch so you can finish a project? If a phone call to your car repair or doctor during the work day would be a toll call, is it better for the boss if you use your provider’s web site customer form?

Those who wrestle with those types of questions will not be the ones to zip to or to air their grievances about the dude in the next cubicle.(No matter how mad you are at that creep at work, don’t vent online!)

Either way, we have two breeds of people in cyber space: the especially careful and the especially loose whose actions will push the rules for the rest of us. I recommend hashing out guideslines at work before any of these things become problems, because the issues are here to stay.


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  1. But despite all our slacking: “US workers top productivity table.”

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