Web 2.0 or How I found Mesh Canada (Uninstalled)

I still don’t know what the Sharp Eco Challenge is because I never clicked on the link and I have no idea what I clicked on to get to Michael O’CC’s Twitter page. I remember the trail from there, however.

I saw the words “big launch” and didn’t want to miss the unveiling of the next big thing, so I clicked on Michael’s blog, Uninstalled. That is where I learned about Mesh Canada, which I immediately found out I had missed, besides which I didn’t read far enough to find out if non-Canadians were welcome. But I did follow the trail to the Mesh 2007 conference news and the You Tube videos from the Mesh conference to see  an almost perfect explanation of  wikis called “Wikis in Plain English.” Since I am a longstanding fan of the Plain English Campaign, I went right to it.

Lee does a great job of showing how wikis work, something the completely uninitiated will appreciate. I have found that they usually are stalled on a more subtle question Lee doesn’t address: what happens to the old versions? What if you prefer an earlier version? Do wiki wars ensue? What if you don’t remember the exact wording of version from before?

The wikis Jeremy has set up for me at Aretao have the versions preserved on the side so you can immediately find and click on an earlier version. Knowing that that function is available usually reassures the wiki phobic.


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