C is for “crisis” and “carrot cake”

Sometime when the news overwhelms you, make some carrot cake.

This morning I was making my daily rounds of social networking and news sites, when I looked for news about Ukraine. I have traveled there, and have friends with family there, so the stories lately about troops marching to Kiev attracted my attention.

But this morning, with a lot of my own concerns on my mind, I wasn’t in the mood for being concerned about other people’s problems – even though on my good days, I care quite a bit and want to help the world. That is why I found it mildly amusing and slightly ironic that on the BBC home page, to the left of the story about Ukraine, I read, “Other people are searching for…carrot cake.” Maybe I don’t need to feel guilty that I don’t want to read the latest about this crisis; after all, other people just want to make some cake.

The recipe looks rather good.

And the news cycle, being what it is, probably won’t have the interesting juxtaposition when you get there.


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