As literacies evolve, will job seekers be “left behind”?

eSchool News recent article, “Schools debate merits of ‘video resumes’
Latest trend in job seeking divides college, career counselors” highlights the fact that the job description of writing teachers and communication professionals has broadened faster than technology’s reach has expanded because of the many creative ways technology has been integrated into the job market. Their students and clients who want to compete with cutting edge skills really need to step out on their own to ensure they get the training they need to make it to top levels by presenting themselves not only on paper, but also in audio and video.

Communication begins with having something to say, forming a message and finding the proper way to send the message. Writing has been the traditional and most fundamental way to do that. But reports from efforts like the National Writing Project convey messages that “Americans believe that good writing skills are more important than ever, but they fear that our schools and our children are falling behind. Two-thirds of the public would like to see more resources invested in helping teachers teach writing. And 74 percent think writing should be taught in all subjects and at all grade levels. These messages and others were drawn from survey participants of all income and education levels and all geographic areas. They are reported in The 2007 Survey on Teaching Writing, a national public opinion survey conducted for the National Writing Project by the research firm Belden, Russonello and Stewart.”

Therefore, nicely typed resumes with proper spelling and correct grammar no longer seem to be enough.

eSchoo News’ article continues, “So to stand out, some job seekers are now turning to online services such as and, or posting their clips on a video-sharing site like Google Inc.’s YouTube. No longer limited to mailing video on tape or a CD, they are eMailing links to employers directly or adding them to traditional resumes.”

According to, it “gives Job Seekers an edge in today’s ultra-competitive job market. We offer access to free Video Resumes, the newest and best way to compete for highly desirable jobs in a world flooded with resumes!” Meanwhile, “ provides a Resume Management System that gives you more control over your career. Our platform has revolutionized how job seekers and employers communicate.”

First of all, teachers must work hard to keep their own skills cutting edge so that they can pass those skills along to their students. Secondly, students need to be sure to expand their view of courses they need to take. This may mean getting training in video and audio communication, training that may not directly address their core skills.

After all, they are going to have to keep up with these Second Life teens.


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