April/May AusLit News & other morning tidbits

I look forward to getting my AusLit news, even though I have to do massive work arounds to find the recommended content in places other than the AusLit database. I am not complaining; it is only fair since I don’t have a subscription to the library at the University of Queensland that puts it out. I do love what I can glean from it, so my new interest is literature of Tasmania. One of the additional insights I gained was how Australian English writing is informed by the Asian experience. Now that makes perfect sense considering where Australia lives. But if we only think of the Australian experience as coming in a straight line from Europe, we will miss most of the richness that makes it unique among literatures written in English.

Another useful tidbit that came in my morning (e)mail, was a link to Quizlet:” “Created by a high school student in the San Francisco Bay Area, Quizlet is a free, web-based tool designed to help students learn and practice vocabulary. Users enter the vocabulary terms and definitions they’re trying to learn, and the site creates flashcards and other study tools, including collaboration tools so students can share, edit, and discuss word sets.” What I like about this review tool is that the learner puts in effort to set it up that will also help them learn the words.

My final thumbs up of the morning goes to “Billy Hudson, a professor of medicine and biochemistry, got inspiration for the project from his own childhood in rural Arkansas… Children in his hometown of Grapevine, Ark., still are so isolated that, for some, the bus ride between their homes and school lasts 90 minutes each way…Hudson returned to his hometown recently to launch a three-year pilot study of what he calls the Aspirnaut Initiative. ..In a ceremony at their school, students who have chosen to participate in the program received video iPods they will use to view educational videos and podcasts.”

The results of my morning email should keep me busy for quite some time. I hope you find any of that useful.


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