Symphony is for kids

The New York Times caught me through In “Passing the baton: Be bold, New York,” writer Anthony Tommasini makes the case that timeless masterpieces and vibrant local music can be part of a vibrant mix to bring the beauty of symphonies to a new generation of listeners. Not only can it be, but many cities are making it part of the mix by hiring innovative conductors. According to Tommasini, “In recent decades even some great conductors driven by lofty artistic principles have unwittingly contributed to the perception that orchestras are elitist.”

I wondered why I didn’t think of symphonies as elitist when something came to me that I hadn’t thought about for a long time.

One of the highlights of my middle school years (for a few years I lived in Ohio) was the monthly school trip to hear the symphony orchestra in Cincinnati. We were just kids, not experts at all on what we were hearing; we just loved the magical way the music filled the hall and surrounded us with its message and motion. To whoever thought of that idea, thank you.


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