Stay tuned here for the NH Primary

First, hat’s off to the Milford Observer. It is a start up and I know the effort that anyone involved in a start up has to give to make a go of it. Right away I noticed it was making an attempt to put solid content in a weekly, not an easy task.

Next, demonstrating it is different than the competition, the Observer is where I learned about an NPR story that I have a more than fair job of rating. (I have decided one could almost get a college education off NPR.)

So for starters, the first story that caught my eye in the Observer was about the NH Primary through the eyes of Milford (my town!). My credentials to rate it is the fact that somebody from my family has lived in Milford for the past 4 generations. I also teach in the local high school.

This article is simply an introduction. Read it and stay tuned for my take on the take of my town.


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