What’s Wired vs. Tired or Expired?

Apparently, it is hard to get folks who will stick their necks out to say what is in or out in the fashion whirlwind of the tech world because only 17 people responded to a survey by ePolitics and the New Organizing Institute (NOI) asking about online tools.

With so few respondents, there are no reliable conclusions to be drawn; if you read closely you can see that some comments are just preferences. And what is Facebook to take away from a survey that lists it as “Wired” and “Expired” and “Tired” in the social networking category?

There are ideas to mined from the short, clippy comments. For example, I had never heard of Bright Cove until I read it in the survey as more “Wired” than YouTube or Google Video. So I will check it out. I still like YouTube, though. I can’t say anything bad about Google Video since I haven’t used it much.

I think there is a certain usage curve I like before I have to dump a perfectly useful site for the next new thing. I put a little video up. It took more work to do than you’d think.


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