Where The Donald doesn’t matter, Sugar does; so does Grace

Dave W’s blog Killing Time “Writing This When I Should Be Writing That” is my latest online discovery. I suddenly felt alright about the fact that I secretly like The Apprentice, but even more so when I learned that The Donald is not the only mogul who gets to do the firing. Apparently, one Alan Sugar across the pond challenges a group of the overly ambitious to prove their business mettle through a variety of mundane challenges relating to coffee and dog food. See what is great about The Apprentice(s) Anglo or American is the utter resourcefulness required to triumph in the world of the ordinary. It soothes me to know that what I need to do to get through my life below the radar is actually talent that were I more ambitious would earn me millions.

What makes the find of Killing Time even better than all that is the Dave W the author teaches writing in what I am guessing is a more prestigious setting than an American public high school (one of the places I teach writing). So, #1, it is possible to be a serious writing teacher and watch The Apprentice. And #2, I find agreeable Dave’s musings on things like the predicted “Death of the Blog” (not). As Dave puts it, “Am I bovvered, as actor Tony Blair might say, that Theresa May MP hasn’t posted since December? Do I give a damn that Melanie Griffiths abandoned the good ship blog in March 2005 (hey, that’s news!) or that Mariah Carey has even been obliterated from the Google cache? No, I couldn’t give a flying proverbial – these people have nothing to say so it’s no surprise that they’re gone.”

My point, to bring this altogether, is that whether it is The Apprentice candidates or celebrity bloggers, there are lots of folks who get attention who don’t really merit it. Thoughtful, worthwhile ideas can come through the quills or keys of unknowns; at least online we get the megaphone for a while. Without the web, we are not heard.

I am off to give a hearing to Are Words Enough, mostly because her item on Peyton Place is on a place I have actually been in a state I know really, really well. AWE playwright wonders, “If only the author (a suspiciously named Grace Metalious) had had the courage to push the envelope even further. The book was going to be banned anyway for many years and she must have known this as she was sitting at her typewriter, so why not stand up and be counted?”

Peyton Place author Metalious was born the same year as my father in the same state in an even smaller town. Standing up and being counted was just not something you did. FYI, she went by Grace Metalious because Grace Marie Antoinette Jeanne d’Arc de Repentigny Metalious was a bit long for a paperback cover.

I am sure AWE and KT will have more great insights for me in the future.


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