St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Holyoke

A few minutes ago, I slipped out to buy some croissants while my Holyoke friends were sleeping. I came down last night for dinner and to go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade today, so to show appreciation for the hospitality I like to buy the breakfast.

When I did get out after scraping and defrosting my car, I was surprised to see ghostly and shivering activity.

Last night people had lined the parade route with lawn chairs, that, because of the 10 inches of snow we got Friday into Saturday, were frozen into that tipped over position a chair takes to say “reserved spot – back off.” They also had a lightly frosted coating from the early morning flurries. Muffled vendors were setting up carts to sell hot dogs and bobbing and inflatable parade shamrocks and leprechauns. Cruisers were in position to block roads while the police stamped one foot then the other to get the circulation going.

But no spectators yet except me. I may consider buying one of those shamrocks now that I know how committed the sellers are to their jobs.


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