Twitter & the speed of friendship & “chillaxin’

I signed up for Twitter because I wanted to be in the right spot for any historic campaign technology firsts that I missed in the last election. My favorite part of the service is the Public Timeline because it is like seeing inside the lives of thousands of strangers at a moment in time. It takes the movie shot of the people on a subway car just waiting for the next stop a step further.

And I am learning some new instantly morphing vocabulary (combinations of words like chilling and relaxing)in the process with one added benefit. Instead of just reading a phrase like “social media future web site” and wondering what the heck it means, I twittered that I wondered what it means. Lo and behold, the writer of social media futures web site sent a direct message explaining that it means “future of various pop culture domains.”

This is like interactive thought bubbles in the comics. Eric Berlin feels like it will be around for a while. While we wait to see, I will be “chillaxin'” and watching what people are doing now.


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