Who are American educators?

According to the Haberman International Policy Institute in Education, “The typical American teacher is a white, monolingual female with little or no knowledge of the world. Approximately 80 per cent of American teachers teach within fifty miles of where they were born and raised. While this parochialism goes unnoticed in relatively homogeneous small towns and suburbs, it is an obvious problem in urban areas where students may come from homes where more than 100 foreign cultures and languages are represented.”

The article claims that we have abundant resources that do not translate into achievement.

While these conclusions are generalizations that may not apply across the board, I can say that our efforts at Aretao to light a fire under our course to interest teachers in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals – humanitarian, compassionate, and socially positive – have taken more time and resources than we originally thought. We are committed to the project and are encouraged by the knowledge that it is an important work.


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