US Chamber does not mince words about schools

In its Report Card for each state, the US Chamber writes, “The conclusion of this report card is unambiguous; the states need to do a far better job of monitoring and delivering quality schooling.”
I immediately looked up New Hampshire, where I live, and I found some of its grades ambiguous, at least in terms of what the state can draw from the report card. I am proud to say New Hampshire got high marks on academics – an A – but only a B for post secondary readiness and a D for the rigor of our standards.
If NH students are not ready for life after school because of weak standards, why do our academics measure so high?Could the answer be in the study’s methodology? Is the measure of academics not a measure of the relevant academics that it takes to succeed?
Does the study measure academics by outmoded methods or does it measure the teaching of irrelevant, out-of-date material? Look up your state to see if you are left with clear direction or more questions. I for one am going to look deeper into how the report card was developed.

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