Nine centuries of pasta history

Semolina is the best flour for making pasta and that is not new news. My grandmother always said so. I have to wonder if she knew why.

Last week, I learned why at the National Pasta Museum in Rome. Certainly, this little museum on a side street near the Trevi fountain hardly ever makes a tourist’s top ten list of sites to see in the Eternal City, but if you like to make your own pasta (maybe using a table top kitchen pasta machine) it is really worth it.

Making foods like pasta by hand is rewarding but often tricky, so it may take the pressure off to learn that the Italians mechanized the pasta making process a very long time ago. When you visit the museum, you will learn that whether the pasta is made in the latest climate controlled pasta factories or by hand on your cutting board, it is the right combination of flour and water that makes great pasta.

No matter what we attempt in life, the right combination of the basics makes all the difference.

“If flour is silver, semolina is gold.”


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