Don’t Panic!

So says the BBC on h2g2. If it is advice you need, h2g2 promises to be “your guide to Life, the Universe, and, well, Everything.”The unconventional guide was inspired by The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe by Douglas Adams.

The eight sections consist of thousands of entries written by readers – “information written creatively” – on topics like “Bumsters in The Gambia,” “Tasty Jam Sponge” or even a “Bad Hair Day.” There are forums for questions where you can find answers to questions as mundane as how does the postal system work to how does someone find a person in a photo from WW2.

The opportunity to write there is intriguing and I enjoy reading h2g2. Here in this blog, however, I write about the intersection of classic teaching and learning methods with cutting edge, technological ones. When I think about h2g2 through that lens, I realize more than ever the responsibility I have as a teacher to teach students how to evaluate internet sources. H2g2 bears the respectable BBC label with hint of Wikipedia; a fast clicking student might think that h2g2 is a suitable source for academic writing.

Digital literacy is emerging as fast or faster than we can update our pedagogy and our own digital literacy. However, educators owe it to our students to keep up because they are, and will continue, to use digital media as a key component to their quests for information.

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