Juno Awards

The nominees for the 36th Juno Awards  were announced today in Toronto; the show to be broadcast April 1.
Canadian chart-toppers Nelly Furtado, Billy Talent and Three Days Grace were all expected to make the list of the nominees for the 2007 Juno Awards .

According to CTV.ca, “‘The Juno Awards are part of the Canadian fabric and to be asked to host is a privilege I’m charmed to accept,’ Furtado said recently in an exclusive eTalk interview. ‘Hosting the Juno Awards is a dream come true and I look forward to carrying on this rich Canadian tradition,'” which this year is also expected to include double-platinum Quebec superstar Gregory Charles and platinum-selling hip-hop artist k-os.

I like to acknowledge events that I come across that should remind all of us that our North American cousins have their own identity and their own culture. The Juno Awards seem to be having a particularly hard time though, even in Canada; the Ottawa Citizen complained, “Most of the submissions were so uninspiring. Nothing was bad; at worst, just predictable. There was a surfeit of sincerity but not much individuality. No strong statements. No originality.” The main complaint of the Citizen is that Canadian bands that are really original and all seem to be indies that get plenty of nods outside Canada.

I really hope the Canadian Academy of Arts and Sciences gets it right and manages to keep interest and integrity for this year in Saskatchewan and years to follow. Talent like Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, The Band, Joni Mitchell, Hank Snow, Anne Murray, Oscar Petersen, Bruce Cockburn, Daniel Lanois and Tom Cochrane have taken their places in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. There must be many more like them.


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  1. Depending on how their second album turns out, Arcade Fire (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Arcade_Fire) might make it onto that list someday.

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