Live blogging and the free press

The Washington Post featured a story January 11 about a genre that may eventually challenge its very existence: blogging. The big news is that bloggers are going to be able to cover the Scooter Libby trial in real time, according to the Media Bloggers Association. Being invited into a court room, is in my opinion, an invitation to respectability.

You get a sense of the risks and responsibilities bloggers will bear from Robert Cox’s description of his first impression,

“The room set up as a media center is ideal for a blogger. There is a widescreen television displaying four feeds from the video camera – the judge, the witness box, a crossshot of both and the lawyer’s desks. The Wifi worked perfectly and I was online within a minute of getting into the room.”

Whatever conveniences or inconveniences the accused may face, bloggers certainly will be all set. Clearly, it must be said, Cox gets what the vulnerabilities are of live blogging, especially in a courtroom. He writes,

“I am not sure of the rules about writing about the jurors so I am not going to say anything until I get a copy of the judge’s orders but the questioning dragged on for quite a while in some cases.” A good journalist says nothing when he or she doesn’t know anything; Cox admits what he doesn’t know and backs off. Cheers to him for that because the precedents set by these bloggers at this trial will limit or will open the opportunities for not only bloggers, but others in new media in the future.


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