Learn by listening – to NYC radio!

Great educations have been had in some cultures with oral traditions when learners just listen. I got a sense of that on Tuesday, December 26, when I spent the day in my car driving from Baltimore County, Maryland to New Hampshire.

I still have much of my best auto listening stored on audio tapes: books on tape, foreign language learning on tape and more. I do have CDs and an iPod Nano, but some of the stuff stuck on those audio tapes is golden and my car doesn’t have an audio tape player anymore. I was feeling a bit bored when I thought of turning to my last resort: car radio.
So on the long stretch along New York City, I turned on the radio and kept my finger on the search button. What a great ride! New York City radio gives you a chance to not only stay with my personal favorite, NPR, but also, by listening, to examine your political and religious beliefs, to practice foreign languages (I chose Russian and Spanish stations), to catch up on the news, and to listen to any type of music from symphonies to Sno Patrol.

I was in Connecticut before I knew it and out of range of some of the best radio I had heard in a long time. The next time you are risking your life to find the right lane on I-95 (get an EZ Pass!), give the radio a chance to soothe your nerves.


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