School on Wheels

Remember that here I like to find that place where the innovations in education meet the time-honored traditions in education.

Indiana’s School on Wheels seems to define what it really should mean to “leave no child behind!” According to their website,
“School on Wheels administers individualized tutoring services using volunteer tutors. Each volunteer tutor is paired with a child and commits to spending one hour per week in the homeless shelter with assisting a homeless child with homework and studying. The homeless parent, while working through financial struggles and planning for the future, may not have the extra time to devote to helping their children with schoolwork and study skills.”

Furthermore, “In the first four years of operation, School on Wheels trained 456 community volunteers who completed 4,924 hours of tutoring to more than 921 homeless children at nine program sites.”

It is a new twist on distance education, an old twist on the Golden Rule, and I am sure the kids are getting much more than an education: they are probably learning that they count. Cheers to School on Wheels!


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