Save e-social networking

Billed as clashes of the “old and new,” the following comments in two online magazines about the issues of social networking via the internet as it relates to young people and safety point out in a powerful way that e-social networking, despite its apparent cyber sterility, holds a warm, fuzzy emotional appeal to the inner human.

from ITWire on a law suit re: intellectual property issues
…How and in what form that compensation will take place is the big question. Since the days of the original Napster, it has become quite obvious that internet combined with file sharing technology has superseded the ability of content providers to maintain their traditional methods of monetarizing their content.

Universal’s battle with MySpace is really only forestalling the inevitable. Sooner or later, the world’s largest recording company will have to make peace with the online world, as another recording company Warner Bros already has, and look to ways of gaining mutual benefit from the enormous traffic that visits sites like MySpace and YouTube.

From eschoolnews:

Whether the challenge is avoiding cyber bullies or potential online predators, educators have every right to be skeptical of the increasing popularity of social-networking web sites on campus, participants in the webcast agreed. Still, despite its obvious pitfalls, online social networking holds great potential as a learning exercise.

Jim Hirsch, associate superintendent for technology at the Plano Independent School District in Texas, said social-networking web sites can help connect students in the United States to their peers in other countries, providing invaluable lessons in foreign cultures.

From me

I searched YouTube for Macbeth and Hamlet. While some of what I dug up was junk, I also found some great video projects by high school students that I could download and use for discussion with my students as launching points to discuss what they understood from their reading of Shakespeare v. what the projects presented. While that doesn’t replace the use of literary criticism by scholars, it does launch analysis from right where they stand.

So, let’s find a way to keep the bad guys out of the neighborhood.


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