Is “avatar” in your vocabulary yet?

“How will higher education evolve to accommodate digital technologies in
the classroom, changing sensibilities among students and new forms of
knowledge, learning and expression?”

What better place to discuss this than in a 3-D virtual island in Second Life?

Does sitting your avatar down next to the other avatars contribute to a sense of place? Is simulation possible in ways not in RL (real world to you uninitiated)? What multi-dimenisonal implications do these technologies have for thought, interaction and invention? Would our intellectual efforts be better invested sitting by the fire with a good book?

I am sitting by a fire and I have books on every wall around me and a cat on my lap. And as much as I enjoy this warm and wonderful ambiance, I thoroughly enjoyed my time online tonight as an avatar at the panel discussion on an island in a digital world. The place brought together strange ideas and people from far away places to thrash out futuristic ideas. The discussion even lost its way at times, but with its possibilities the situation sparked my imagination and stirred new ways of thinking – just like a good book – but without the live action figures.

There need be no rivalry between the old technology (printing of symbols on paper) and the new.

Dressing an avatar, by the way, reminds me of Colorforms!


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