Where to meet The World

To say that today was troubling if you read the news is an understatement: coup in Thailand; burning in Budapest; who can say how many random acts of violence were perpetrated upon innocent souls. To make sense of things, I look forward to The World which I got hooked on because it came on my local NPR station when I was commuting home at 3 p.m. in the fast lane on Route 93. Its theme song perked me up with anticipation as a favorite TV show might.

The thing about The World is that it is very anti-sound bite. The stories are relatively long, roundly fair, and brilliantly interesting. There is always a music segment toward the end that calms me down because it is a sign to me that in the midst of the chaos and trouble there is still beauty.

To show how roundly fair it is, you have a choice of your favorite podcasting tool -none of that choose beta/vhs, mac/pc religious wars. Peace!


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