One inch of rain = One foot of snow

Rainy days, if you are lucky enough to stay inside, are contemplative. I sit by the fire with my cat at my side reading and writing.

This seems an almost stereotypical existence, until I let you know that I am here only because school is closed due to the 8 inches (and counting) of rain that we have had in the last 3 days. This amount breaks records in New Hampshire for the last 124 years, they say.

Floods are not contemplative. They are destructive and scary and “blindside” us. They creep up like the swell of the river over its banks. Flood waters are not beautiful, but are brown and gray. You can’t see the fish in floodwaters.

As I contemplate my thematic question for this blog of to relate the best of teaching and thinking of traditional methods with methods of thinking and teaching with technology, I find a simple link. In an instant I was able to find the poems buried in the links above, the emotions of others in similar circumstances, sort out my own feelings, and begin to write.

I don’t need the ideas of others to sort out how I feel necessarily, but with them I am more equipped to figure out what the flood waters are saying to me.


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