The argument about books versus the internet

The “internet” is a means of delivery, just as a book is a means of delivery. Books, Dean often says, were the first method of distance education.

Occasionally, you might overhear a source criticized as “just being from the internet” as if the reliability of the information is somehow tainted, or transient or commercial because the user accessed it online via a computer. Instead, we should realize that what makes information reliable is the quality of its source and why that source has authority to speak on the subject at hand.

The Instruction & Research Services Committee of the Reference and User Service Association History Section in the American Library Association explains “primary sources” and how to use them. The explanation is valuable even if you aren’t writing a research paper right now. Scroll down for a mini lesson on domains and who is behind them.

Back in the days of inkwells, brilliant people wrote brilliant words, just as brilliant people are typing them today.


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